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What’s Good in the ‘Hood!

The Wisdom Real Estate team is comprised of a wonderful group of agents, both local and transplants, who absolutely LOVE everything the Denver Metro area has to offer! Please enjoy our series of videos showcasing some of our favorite neighborhoods and attractions in and around Denver.

Our newest agent, Enid, accepts the What’s Good in the ‘Hood’ video ‘challenge,’ and shares her highlights of Challenger Park in Parker Estates.

In this edition of our video series, What’s Good in the ‘Hood’, our newest buyer’s agent, Enid Brown, gives us a glimpse of all the amenities Challenger Park in Challenger Estates, Parker, has to offer. Parker is located in Douglas County, along hwy 83, (Parker Road,) just south of C470, and has many wonderful neighborhoods if you’re considering a move south of the Denver Metro Area. Contact us with questions.
Video Posted October 14, 2021

It’s ‘Fall y’all!’ Let’s head south to Buena Vista with Kim Schwarz and Check out Cottonwood Lake and Hot Springs!

Looking for somewhere close by to spend a weekend enjoying our gorgeous fall weather? Check out Buyer’s Agent, Kim Schwarz’s video on Cottonwood Lake and Hot Springs near her home in Buena Vista. Just a 2 hour drive from Denver, BV is an awesome weekend getaway, and Cottonwood Lake and Hot Springs are 2 fantastic reasons why.
Video Posted October 7, 2021

What the HALE is going on at 9+CO? (Ninth and Colorado)

Jeremy Collins is back with more What’s Good in the ‘Hood’ in his home neighborhood, Hale-Mayfair. In this installment, he’s featuring Pizzeria Locale, a tasty pizza joint, and one of many dining options at the new outdoor venue, 9+CO, located exactly where you’d expect it to be, at the intersection of ninth and Colorado.
For more information on this cool new area of town, click HERE. And if you’re ready to go get some good, ‘Za,’ find the closest Pizza Locale restaurant HERE
Video Posted September 30, 2021

The center of everything….29th Ave Town Center in Central Park

Our fantastic agent, Jessica Johnson, is talking about all the cool stuff that happens at the 29th Ave Town Center in Central Park, (formerly Stapleton,) conveniently located at Quebec and 29th Ave in Denver. Take a peek at this large family style venue which offers a little of everything including the plaza where you can gather and share a meal, the lawn amphitheater with lots of entertainment options, and the many restaurants and businesses featured on the perimeter of this awesome setting.
Video Posted September 23, 2021

BIG Bible Park in Bible Park/Hutchinson Hills neighborhood

Greg’s back with another What’s Good in the ‘Hood’ park edition. Today he’s featuring James A. Bible Park conveniently located on Yale between Quebec and Monaco. This little known gem is HUGE, and has lots of space for the whole family, (or neighborhood for that matter,) to get out and get some exercise. Go check it out! Video Posted September 16, 2021

Awesome Ash Grove Park in Virginia Village

In this installment of our WGH series, senior Buyer’s Agent, Jason Collins, shows us Ash Grove Park in his neighborhood, Virginia Village. VV has exploded in popularity the last couple years, and it’s no surprise why with everything the area has to offer. Background audio supplied by Video Posted September 9, 2021

Ni-WHAT? Niwot! Come experience Rock n Rails in this cool town up north.

Our newest buyer’s agent, Kim Schwarz, introduces us to the Rock n Rails event in the cool town of Niwot where she lived and worked for over 40 years! Come check out what Niwot, located between Boulder and Longmont has to offer. Video Posted September 2, 2021

Get ready to satisfy that sweet tooth at the Scrumptious Candy/Ice Cream Shop in Olde Town Arvada

Join Becca Morgenegg as she discovers Scrumptious Candy/Ice Cream Shop in Olde Town Arvada. This store has a fantastic selection of candy, funny novelty gifts, and amazing ice cream. Head out to Arvada to check out Olde Town and be sure to make a ‘stop in this shop.’ You won’t be disappointed! Video posted August 26, 2021

AH-MAZING upgrades at Paco Sanchez Park in the Riverside Neighborhood

How did we forget to upload this awesome WGH from spring?
Buyer’s agent, Greg Charlton, takes us on a quick tour of Paco Sanchez Park in the Riverside neighborhood. This park’s updates are pretty AH-MAZING. See more details and pictures here, on Dig Studio’s park overview. Video posted August 19, 2021

Something for everyone at Lindsley Park! The Hale ‘Hood

Buyer agent Jeremy Collins visits the Henry S. Lindsley park in the Hale/Mayfair neighborhood and highlights it’s many family friendly features. Located conveniently next to Rose Hospital, this park has something for everyone. Video posted August 12, 2021

Amazing Walkability! The Highlands ‘Hood

Buyer agent Becca Morgenegg touches on her favorite aspects of the Highlands Neighborhood in Denver. It’s walkability is top notch and the bars, eateries and shopping are some of the best in Denver! Video posted April 2, 2021.

NEW Denver Beer Company Location! DU/Evanston/Rosedale ‘Hood

Buyer Agent Greg Charlton resided in the DU area for close to 20 years and loves supporting the local fare in this vibrant area of Denver. March of 2021 welcomed a new Denver Beer Company location – check it out:

The Oriental Theater – Berkeley ‘Hood

Buyer’s Agent, Scott Burke, had the opportunity to see a show at the historic Oriental Theater in Denver’s Berkeley Neighborhood. Posted December 2020. This is a fun gem that is a MUST to check out!

Lakewood is Sweet! – The Belmar ‘Hood

Buyer’s agent, Greg Charlton, is back with another edition of what’s good in the hood, this time featuring Belmar! Video Created August 2020. Take 2 minutes to hear about retailers, restaurants AND real estate happenings in this fun part of town! Thanks again, Greg, for showing us around! #colorado #belmar #wisdomrealestate #gregcharlton #denverrealestate

The Colorado Rapids pop-up Store in Dairy Block – Downtown ‘Hood

Buyer Agent Jeremy Collins gives a quick tour of the Colorado Rapids store in the Dairy Block area of Downtown Denver in early March of 2020. Take a look:

We love dog parks!! – The Cherry Creek State Park ‘Hood

Wisdom RE Agent Scott Burke speaks to the greatness that is Cherry Creek State Park and Dog Park! Video Posted August 2019.

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