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5 Renovations That’ll Get Your House Sold Quicker than You Think

It’s easy to get sucked into house hunting or home renovation shows on HGTV because it tantalizes our imagination about what we could do to our own homes. Why, these shows are partly responsible for the trends buyers wanted in their next home. These features would include walk-in pantries, open floor plans, lots of storage space, and upgraded kitchens. 

Buyers still want these things, but their tastes have changed due to the pandemic. Homelight polled over 1,100 real estate agents for their Q3 2020 survey and here’s what they had to say about what renovation projects are popular right now.

1. Open floor plans are a thing of the past – sorta

Open floor plans are great for entertaining and just being able to chat with the family while not being cramped up in one room, be it a living room or kitchen. However, that’s not necessarily the case, as stated by 10% of surveyed agents. Instead of an open and airy floor plan, folks want… Privacy!

After being quarantined for months with the whole family, it’s understandable that folks would want clearly defined spaces with doors. Homeowners want to be able to go into separate rooms (other than their bedroom) for some peace, quiet, and be able to relax. 

Can you really blame them? We can’t!

2. Entertaining space outdoors

If you’re like many homeowners, you may have taken the great outdoors for granted. Sure, you might have a yard where you can spend some time, but it might not be your favorite place to be. And so, 20% of real estate agents report their clients are renovating houses so there’s a nice deck, patio, or al fresco dining areas so they can sit outside, enjoy the fresh air, and entertain when it’s finally safe to do so.

3. Home office and/or home classroom

After working from home for months on end, homeowners and buyers alike aren’t satisfied with working at the dining room table or a corner of the living room. They want a space where they can get their work done without distractions or being interrupted during a Zoom conference call. A home office is highly desirable right now because it is a place to get things done and at the “end of the day” they can “leave the office” and not think about work for the rest of the day. 

Workers aren’t the only ones who could benefit from having a home office. Students can use these spaces for the same reasons. In fact, 7% of agents said clients aren’t just looking for houses with one office, they want multiple offices to which one could be turned into a home classroom for their kids.

4. Large, energy-efficient windows

Since homeowners are moving away from open floor plans which typically allow for a lot of natural sunlight to brighten the area, large, energy efficient windows are among the top renovations or in-demand features. Rooms with large windows let in plenty of light, but by installing energy efficient ones, you’re saving on your energy bill, too!

5. Private space for the in-laws

One of the most popular things people want in their home is something called an in-law suite so their loved ones can live with them while having their own space. An in-law suite can be as simple as a second master bedroom at another end of the house so they have some privacy, or it could be a full-on addition that has a small kitchen, a living/dining space, full bath and bedroom. 

Whether you’re interested in tackling a home renovation to improve the overall functionality of your home or you are thinking about listing your house, these renovations are a great investment. However, just keep in mind that these projects are going to be pretty costly and will take some time to complete, so you’ll want to make a budget and reasonable timeline to keep you on track!


Written by Maddi Arcurio with HomeLight

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