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7 Tips to Get Curb Appeal During the Winter

Curb appeal is essential when selling your home- get that beautiful look during the winter months!

Capture the attention of prospective homebuyers with these 7 simple seasonal tips to refresh winter curb appeal and help sell your home:

  1. Clear driveway, sidewalk, and steps of ice and snow: keep this safe for all potential homebuyers and clear it everyday.
  2. Update your mailbox: Make sure your mailbox isn’t leaning or damaged. A bright colored mailbox with visible house numbers makes your home easy to find and is a fun addition to your home.
  3. Install driveway and pathway lighting: With the hours of daylight shorter in the winter, having a well-lit home will be welcoming for your evening prospects with lights leading right up to the front door. 
  4. Upgrade the front entrance: Repaint your door or door trim a bright color as a contrast against stark winter white. Decorate the front door with a simple wreath and update hardware  on the door. Make sure the entrance is well-lit and add a pretty welcome mat.
  5. Add large house street numbers: Make it easy for buyers to identify your home.
  6. Add some hearty winter greens: to add visual appeal, plant shrubs like juniper, cedar, and boxwood around the home. Ivy, holly and crabapples can add some great color contrast. And evergreens are ideal for adding interest due to their ability to withstand cold temperatures and still retain their color and foliage year-round. 
  7. Check pre-winter maintenance: Clean gutters, clear lawn of leaves, clean windows, install storm windows, and repair any damage to exterior paint and structures. Maintaining these small tasks can make your curb appeal shine in these cold, snowy days. 

Enjoy selling your home successfully with these simple, winter, curb appeal upgrades! Call us at 720-252-3854 for any other questions on maximizing the sell of your home.

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