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Are You Ready For Summer?

by Shannon Daly

Are you ready for the sunshine?

Are you ready for the birds and bees,

the apple trees,

and a whole lot of fooling around!

If you recognize that song, you probably grew up in the 70’s like I did…or have at least spent a lazy Saturday afternoon watching one of the movies that epitomizes the feeling of summer, Meatballs, with Bill Murray.  WOW am I ready for summer!  (Especially given the snowstorm I enjoyed OH SO MUCH on Mother’s Day!)  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this bipolar weather.  The GOOD news is that summer IS right around the corner. This year, Stapleton residents have two more reasons to look forward to the crazy heat of summer, Runway 35, and The Maverick, two pools opening in the Conservatory Green neighborhood.  Both are slated to open this summer, actual dates are still TBD.  Runway 35, located at 8863 E. 47th Avenue is being touted by Stapleton’s Master Community Association as a ‘Competitive Pool with a heavy focus on swim team and programming.’  It will have 8 25-meter lap lanes and a Modern Design.  The Maverick pool, located on the North side of Northfield Blvd at 8822 Beekman Place, will be a little more ‘relaxed,’ described as a ‘Family-friendly leisure pool,’ with splash features and fountains.  This pool seems to have a little something for everyone as it, too, will have 25 meter lap lanes, 4 of them, for lap swimming and programming.  Originally slated to open on Memorial Day, it appears both pools need a little more time to complete construction, so keep checking at the MCA website, for opening dates.  Until then, there are four equally amazing pool options to enjoy in the original part of Stapleton, Aviator, Puddle Jumper, F-15, and Jet Stream. So drag out your suit, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, and pool pass and let’s start the countdown to May 24th!

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