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BRING IT, Victory Crossing. I’m READY!

by Shannon Daly

In case you haven’t heard, there’s soon going to be a NEW way to burn through my kids’ college savings, and it’s called Victory Crossing!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the shops and restaurants at Northfield, but variety is ‘king’ in my world, so hearing that there are going to be even MORE shops and restaurants to spend my money at within walking distance, is exciting!  I can’t tell you what shops and restaurants will be featured, (because I don’t actually know,) but I do know that, according to the website,, here are the highlights

A 250 acre regeneration initiative

•Dick’s Sporting Goods Park Stadium and Field Complex:  DONE

◦20,000 seat stadium home to the MLS Colorado Rapids DONE

◦Hosts over 1.6 million visitors annually

◦Host site for 2014 World Lacrosse Championships

◦24-state of the art soccer fields host 6,000 people DONE

◦Multitude of concerts annually

◦Civic and Government Complex including an existing 100,000 SF of office building and plans for a second Phase and an amphitheater

•1-1.5 million square foot, mixed-use development, including: STARTING!

◦Expansive and varied retail

◦Amenity rich hotels

◦Corporate offices

◦Sports destination complexes

◦Supermarket  BOO YAH!

◦Landscaped parks

◦2 minute shuttle to planned Light Rail Station

•National Wildlife Refuge Center

◦Visitor Center attracts over 50,000 per year for 27-square mile wildlife refuge

◦Thriving wildlife including up to 250 bison

It’s probably no surprise that the single most exciting feature of Victory Crossing, (for me, anyway,) is the new Supermarket!  I don’t mind going to the Super Target for the basics, but it’s no secret that the King Soopers on Quebec is jammed with people 24/7, and I’m looking forward to more quality grocery options for my family.  I don’t know which supermarket has contracted to build in VC, but I know any quality grocery store that builds there is going to make BANK if they’re worth their salt.

I anticipate many more blogs on the VC venture if for no other reason than I want to know what’s going on for myself!  But until then, you can keep tabs on the project when you want by visiting their website at  And if anyone knows WHICH supermarket is being built there, show this sister some love and share.  Ok.  Thanks.

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