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Conservatory Green is Great!

by Shannon Daly

Have you headed North to check out the new Conservatory Green neighborhood yet?  It’s pretty spiffy.  We are currently in the process of building a house over there. Whether we’ll actually move in, or not, has yet to be seen, but we like what CG has to offer.

It has been interesting to watch Stapleton’s growth and transition through these last dozen years.  Starting in the old part of Stapleton where the lots are smaller, and everyone participates in alley living, to Central Park West where we see some houses with side load garages, and on to Conservatory Green where we see mostly street facing houses and slightly larger lots.  When Stapleton first started building, I thought it was a ‘quaint’ idea, but being from the west side of town where the homes are 60+ years old, and folks have a little more land, I thought, ‘we’d never live in Stapleton.  It would be too different from what I’ve known my whole life.’  There was the whole concept of, EEK!  living in Denver…you know…the BIG CITY!  Having tighter streets and neighborhoods, with smaller yards and parking in the back of your house or an alley wasn’t something I thought would make sense for us.  But, as time flowed, and families found Stapleton, and the subdivisions started to evolve, I realized there are some intriguing, and attractive facets to Stapleton’s concept of neighborhoods.  Even when we decided we would move here in 2011, rent for a while then buy or build, I thought, ‘I’m going to be bummed to give up our large yard and driveway.  Too bad there isn’t more of a middle ground between the neighborhoods to the west and Stapleton.’  And evidently the universe heard me, and WA-LAH! Conservatory Green.  Or, maybe it was the developer, Forest City, who heard me, or other people, or maybe it was planned this way all along and I’ve just been out of the loop.  (That’s fairly typical, just so you know.)  Conservatory Green is successfully mixing all of the things we love about ‘Old Stapleton,’ and adding some new items that give it a different flare, and appeal.  You will still find an interesting mix of home builders and styles, but CG has now added patio homes as an option, and the colors for some of these homes are bolder than what is mostly seen on the houses to the south of I70.  There are still lots of open green spaces for family/neighbor get togethers, and we get to look forward to a new pool and some high quality schools down the road.  One of the most exciting differences is larger lots.  Our lot, for example, is 7300 sq feet which is close to double some of the lots you find in the old neighborhoods.  For us, this is the perfect compromise.  Our third of an acre lot in Golden didn’t get as much use as we’d anticipated, and honestly, watering and maintaining that bad boy was not cheap.  But here in the East 29th Ave neighborhood, the 4500 sq. feet lot we are currently on is too little for us to really enjoy and it almost seems pointless to say, ‘yes, we have a yard.’  I’m looking forward to building a larger deck and still having some grass to frolic in.  Additionally, the CG subdivision has also continued with some front loading garages for those of us who aren’t keen on alley living.  It may seem strange, but I swear it seems like EVERY TIME I am pulling out and trying to drive down the alley, one of my neighbors is too.  Since I never took a class on considerate alley living, I’m always in a pickle as to who has right of way, etc.  I’m not saying having a house on an alley would keep us from buying it, but for me, I like the convenience of having a driveway and always being able to get out of my house.

So, we’re excited for our new place to be finished, and hope we’ll figure out our situation so we can actually move in this March…(most likely in a foot of snow.)  If you’re contemplating upgrading, or just looking for a change in pace, I urge you to head over to CG and see what it has to offer.  I think you might be pleasantly surprised.  And if you do, stop in and say ‘hey.’

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