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Crazy, Ugly Sweaters and Why We’re Wearing Them

It goes without saying that 2020 has been it’s own kind of ‘crazy, ugly’ canvas this year. Some of the stories we’ve heard through this pandemic are so CRAZY, it’s like they’re straight out of the ‘Twilight Zone.’ While we’ve rejoiced in some wonderful narratives about the generosity and kindness of fellow humans during this unprecedented time, we’ve also had news of people just being downright UGLY in spirit as well. It seems COVID has impacted everyone we know negatively in one way or another.

Our team at Wisdom Real Estate is no exception. We wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t enjoy helping people, or if we didn’t like each other so much. Being remote with our customers and our team these past 7-8 months has been rough. Like so many, we’ve had to rethink how we interact and provide service and benefit to our clients. We’ve also tried to creatively come up with ways to stay close as a team and to support each other through all of this from afar. On the one hand, being away from everyone has made us super appreciative of the time we did get to spend together and eager to see each other in person again. On the other hand, turns our we’re pretty darn good at brain storming and thinking ‘outside the box’ during times of crises. There’s a silver lining to everything if you just look for it. The current silver lining? If you partake in our UGLY SWEATER RAFFLE by simply VOTING for your favorite get up, you could win Apple AirPods, an RTIC soft sided cooler, Spicy Radish food delivery, Wine of the Month or one of many gift cards!

Normally we have a holiday party for our clients to show our appreciation for their business. This year, obviously, this wasn’t an option, so we had to come up with a way to bring ourselves, (and hopefully all of you,) some yuletide cheer. What better way to do this remotely than gettin our ‘crazy, ugly’ on and having a team Crazy, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest? (I added the ‘crazy’ just because let’s face it, some of these are getting WAY out there!) While I was picking through my own 15 or so crazy ugly sweaters, carefully contemplating which one to showcase this year, it made me ponder, ‘why the hell are there ugly Christmas sweaters in the first place? (and so many?)’ I went searching and found the following which I thought you might enjoy.

Every 3rd Friday of December is officially ‘National Ugly Sweater Day.’ This year, for example, December 18th is the day to proudly display your most awful ugly ensemble to your friends, family, and community at large. You probably aren’t surprised to hear that the ugly sweater came about mostly on accident. Originally, the ugly sweater was a bi product of an honest attempt to make a festive holiday fashion statement. Unfortunately, when ‘Aunt June’s’ knitted or patchwork pullover either had a mistake on it, or maybe a less than hip holiday theme, inevitably, it received the ‘ugly’ moniker from some rotten family member. As a payback, aunts and grandmas around the world started intentionally making ugly sweaters as gifts for their family members. The ugly sweater movement has clearly snowballed since then.

In 1980, taking a cue from a popular family sitcom where outlandish sweaters were the norm, the first “ugly sweater” made it’s appearance under the name, “jingle-bell sweaters.” Jingle-bell sweaters reached a peak in 1989 when the Griswolds donned them in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Vancouver, Canada, claims to have thrown the first ugly sweater party in 2002 as a fundraiser to raise money for a cancer victim. In 2013, is founded adding momentum to the steady rise toward mainstream popularity.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Here are some ugly sweater stats.

23% fo people will INTENTIONALLY buy an ugly sweater.
9% of people have attended an ugly sweater party. made $5million dollars in 3 years. (Maybe it’s time to retire and start designing them?)
From 2012-2015, the Ugly Sweater industry grew by 200%
Famous folks from Beyonce to Bill Murray are jumping on the bandwagon and designing their own versions of the ugly sweater.

So…there you have it. The history, (and a little bit of the mystery,) surrounding the ugly sweater phenomena. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about this crazy holiday tradition, and have an opportunity to partake in your own version of this fun event this year. Regardless of your sweater intentions, I hope our team’s Crazy Ugly Sweater Contest brings a smile to your face, and a quick reprieve from the insanity of our current situation. Stay safe, stay sane, and here’s to being hopeful for 2021.

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