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by Shannon Daly

I’d like to take this chance to introduce myself and talk about this upcoming Stapleton specific blog that we will be hosting on the Wisdom Real Estate webpage.

My name is Shannon Daly.  I have been married to a great guy named Paul for 15 years, and have 2 children, McKenna 12, and Jameson 8.  I grew up on the west side of town in the foothills, and moved to Stapleton in August 2011.  Up until then we had been commuting our kids to a private school in this part of town, and when we realized that the public schools here were just as good, (better, in fact,) we finally decided it just made sense to up and move our lives here.  We are building in the Conservatory Green neighborhood, so I’m sure I’ll have updates on that section of Stapleton in upcoming blogs.  Additionally, I am a fifth generation Colorado Native.  You know what’s strange about that?  I actually have friends who moved here in their adulthood, (most of them because they were drawn to the mountains, the seasons, and all the outdoor activities,) and they could probably tell you more about touring and enjoying the great state of Colorado than I can!  How embarrassing.  I think when you grow up in a place, you think to yourself, “I’ll get to around to (name an activity here,) some day.”  Well, some day is finally here.

When I was asked to write the company website’s blog specific to Stapleton, I thought, ‘what a great opportunity to research and share all the wonderful things I love about this little microcosm I inhabit.’  My goal in this weekly blog is to enlighten and entertain you.  I hope everyone who reads it will be willing to share their personal insights and adventures as well.

For this first blog, I thought I’d start by mentioning TEN things I love about Stapleton.  (Feel free to jump in and name your top TEN, I’d love to see them!)


1.)  I love that if I stand outside my home and throw a rock in any direction, I am likely to hit a dog, kid, neighbor out chatting with friends, lady with a stroller, man helping his child learn to ride a bike, or a couple walking their pets.  (Probably not right now since it’s 6 degrees outside, but most other days.)

2.)  I love that we have 4 count them FOUR pools to choose to swim at in the summer!  In our old neighborhood, we didn’t have any.

3.)  I love that I can walk a half mile and get a bite to eat or coffee with my family/friends.  Or I can walk half a mile in the other direction, and have an amazing assortment of parks I can take the kids to.

4.)  I love that I have an assortment of schools with different curriculums to choose from so my children have the best opportunity possible to be successful in their education.

5.)  I love that there is always something to do on the weekends, especially during the summers at 29th Avenue Town Center.

6.)  I love that there is a huge variety of housing choices out here so everyone can find a place to live if they want to make Stapleton their home.

7.)  I love that people are friendly and willing to share information about the comings and goings of our neighborhood.

8.)  I love that I am central to many different restaurants and stores and can get most of my errands run relatively quickly.

9.)  I love that my kids have lots of other kids to play with, and get a chance to play outside every day.

10.) I love all the beautiful trees and flowers spread throughout the subdivision.


I’m sure I could come up with a bunch more, but I’m late to meet a friend at Einsteins for a chance to catch up, so I’ll have to leave it here.

Until next week, stay warm!

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