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Home Updates That Pay Off


Staging and decluttering your home is a GREAT first step to get your home show ready with little cost and a big return. To make a bigger impact before getting your home on the market, follow these update tips that yield the most return on your investment…

  1. Paint- Use neutral tones, but that doesn’t have to mean just white and beige, as brown and cream are also safe choices.

  2. Replace Dirty or Worn Carpet- Low cost for a nice facelift throughout your home. Choose a neutral color or one that hides dirt well like berber.

  3. Improve Your Landscape- Put down fresh sod, trim back overgrown bushes and add some color, either with flower beds or potted flowers.

  4. Spruce Up Your Entryway- Buy a new front door or paint the old one. If your house number and mailbox look tired, buy and install new ones.

  5. Change Out Light Fixtures and Plumbing Fixtures- Gold light fixtures are long outdated, and brass is less popular than brushed nickel. Replacing outdated ceiling fixtures and bathroom faucets can give your home a modern touch for a minimal investment.

  6. Minor Bathroom Remodel- Rather than gutting the entire bathroom, replace the vanity or re-glaze and caulk the existing bathtub.

  7. Small Kitchen Remodel- Replace hardware on the cabinets and get new countertops for a more cost efficient facelift in your kitchen.

  8. Enhance The Backyard– If you have a deck or patio, power wash tired and dirty surfaces or replace parts of the deck that are damaged.

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