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How to Protest your 2019 Property Valuation

Hello Denver-Metro property owners! 2019 Real Property Valuation for taxes payable in 2020 should have hit your mailbox early May of 2019. If you don’t agree with the County Assessor’s valuation of your property and are confused on next steps, Wisdom Real Estate is here to help!

Protesting the value is relatively simple. If done correctly it could result in lower 2019 property taxes for you, depending on the Mill Rate that will be set in December. If you’d like to protest, follow these steps:  

REVIEW: Carefully review the Notice of Valuation from your County Assessor’s office. If you feel the “Current Year Actual Value As of June 30, 2018” is too high, you can protest the amount. If you feel the “Property Class” is incorrect, you can protest that designation.

PROTEST: Counties may differ slightly, but each will offer several ways to submit your protest. Directions for how to protest by mail, fax, online or in person will be clearly identified in your letter.

  • June 3, 2019 is the deadline for submitting your protest
  • Tips from the Denver Assessor if you plan to protest the valuation of your property:
    • DON’T simply protest the amount of increase
    • DO review the property characteristics listed on the form (size, unit counts, etc.)
    • DON’T focus on today’s market value
    • DO remember the Assessor’s date of value (6/30/18)
    • DON’T protest the taxes (you technically don’t know what the tax rate will be)
    • DO consider what the proper value should be
    • DON’T simply say “the value is too high
    • DO provide evidence: sales, photos, descriptions of issues negative to the property, estimates of cost to cure, rent rolls, etc.
    • DO include your parcel/schedule # and a daytime phone number

RESPONSE: The Assessor will review your protest and provide a response via mail in a letter called a “Notice of Determination”. If you are still unsatisfied with the valuation or the Assessor’s response, you may appeal their decision at that time. Dates and deadlines for appeals may vary for each County.

WE CAN HELP: If you need assistance in any part of this protest process, please reach out to your Wisdom Real Estate Agent any time!


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