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Let’s hear it for beer! Lots and LOTS of beer!

Let’s be honest; Coloradoans LOVE beer. Lots and LOTS of beer.
If you’re a beer lover, and looking for something to do for the next 365 days, consider visiting a different Colorado micro brewery. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If you can manage to accomplish this feat, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ll only have about thirty five more microbreweries left to visit to hit all the microbreweries Colorado has to offer.

As of 2018, Colorado ranks 4th, (tied with Wyoming…of all places,) in highest number of breweries per 100,000 residents at 7.7. The 3 states ahead of us in per capita breweries are Vermont, Maine and Oregon. (May be something to remember next time you are vacationing in one of these areas and looking for something fun to do.)  If you want to read more about the top 10 states with microbreweries, you might find this article, “Infographic: What states have the most breweries per resident?” helpful.

If you’re ready to start tackling breweries here at home, HERE’S a great resource to find the different microbreweries here in our state, and the different cities/towns where you can find them.

If you’re wanting some suggestions of where to start, the team at Wisdom Real Estate does have some connections to several microbreweries throughout the area.

Check out Someplace Else Brewery in Arvada. SEB boasts of being the only ‘brewcade’ in Arvada, furnishing such arcade favorites as Galaga, Centipede, Space Invaders and Asteroids, and offering pinball tournaments consisting of 23 different pinball games. Skeeball, trivia and everyone’s favorite, karaoke, rounds out their monthly offerings. You can also participate in brew classes, and they have a 4.5 rating on Yelp. Best of all, they’re dog friendly. Go check them out.

Also on the Westside of town, nestled in, well, of all things, a business park, you’ll find New Terrain Brewing Company. Don’t let the location description dissuade you, though. Once you’ve wound your way  through the concrete and landed at New Terrain, the atmosphere, and especially the views, are awesome. Like most Colorado microbreweries, NT also offers extra frills. You can rent their backroom for private parties, and they offer special events weekly like Yoga on Tap and Music and Me. Food Trucks are always available for grub, and it’s dog and kid friendly. If you decide you want to give NT a try, go early. This establishment is a favorite of tourists and natives alike. For more details, check out New Terrain Brewing Company’s website HERE

Located in the Golden Triangle, LowDown Brewery is another fabulous option and team favorite. This brewpub actually has a full service kitchen, (it is first and foremost a restaurant,) and provides unique food options to go with their craft brews including fan favorites like You’re.F!#king.Welcome beer cheese dip appetizer, Humina Humina Humina, their house hummus, Fruit of the Heirloom salad, Legion of Shroom sandwich, and Marissa Tomato pizza! LowDown creates a seasonal menu comprised of local, organic, sustainable ingredients and offers brunch and happy hour from 3-6pm Monday – Friday.  An additional perk?  Free parking located just North of their building.

If you are headed South to the picturesque town of Durango, and are a beer drinker, you’d be remiss to not stop at Ska Brewing. Established in 1995 by a couple of goofs from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, (it’s okay…they’d totally cop to this description,) beers from Ska Brewery have become so popular they can be found in liquor stores all over Denver. Some of their most popular creations include The Hazy IPA, and award winners True Blonde Ale and Euphoria Pale Ale. Ska Brewing also offers some fun activities so be sure to look them up and make a day of it.

After reading my exuberant praise of all things beer, you might think it’s because I’m an avid beer drinker myself. But alas, you’d be mistaken. Fortunately for me, a non beer drinker, the breweries do offer other libations, (usually either a cider or hard seltzer,) which can be imbibed while partaking in brewery karaoke, yoga, or arcade play, up to your elbows in canines and good beer vibes. Happy drinking, my friends.

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