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    Showing tips to get your home SOLD

    Remember, the first impression is the only impression. Follow these tricks of the trade to help you get top dollar when showing your home:

    • Stage the outside
      Keep your lawn manicured, remove snow and ice.
    • Maintain a comfortable temperature
      Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
    • Spruce up your entryway
      A clean, pretty doorway will help set the tone for the entire showing. Hang a wreath or decoration that will make your home seem welcoming.
    • Give your home a good cleaning
      A sparkling home will impress buyers and make your home seem more appealing
    • De-clutter your home
      Clean out closets, remove knick-knacks, and get rid of excess furniture. These items make the house appear smaller.
    • Add a splash of color
      Accent pillows can add a pop of color.
    • Light it up
      Turn on all lights and open blinds.
    • Remove family pictures
      The more personal items in your home, the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.
    • Make your house a home
      Bake cookies, burn lightly scented candles, place fuzzy throw on furniture, and keep fresh-cut flowers on the table.
    • Pick the right paint
      While a pop of color is nice here and there, keep your wall color neutral.
    • Highlight your outdoor area
      Clean your deck, porch, or patio and make repairs as necessary. No deck? Arrange chairs or outdoor furniture in your yard to create the illusion of an outdoor living area.
    • Conceal the critters
      Not everyone is a dog or cat lover. Buyers do not want to see a bowl of dog food or a kitty litter box.
    • Leave the house
      If you are home, the potential buyer won’t feel comfortable discussing your home.

    Not sure if your home is show-ready? Call us! One of our Listing Specialists will come over and evaluate your home free of charge!

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