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The Countdown is ON!

by Shannon Daly

Can you tell I’m excited for summer?  TWO days and counting, BABY!  (At least for my kid’s school, anyway.)  For those of you in the same mindset, you might be thinking, ‘I’ve got everything packed for the pool, what else do I need to know?’  Most of you have lived here long enough that you know how the pool admission system works for residents.  You create on online account at , go to the MCA, show them proof of your residency, pay your $20 fee, (per family member, 2 adults 18+ per household,) get your resident cards, and bring them to the pool anytime you want to swim.  Or, if you’ve already done these steps, you can renew your memberships online at the above web address and save time and money.  What if your Aunt Mildred is in town and wants to go float around for a while, you ask?  Or Katy Perry stops in and offers to take your kids to the pool for the afternoon for you? Stapleton pools are public, so they too can enjoy any of the 4, (soon to be SIX!) pools we have.  Your friends and family can pay a $5.00 daily admission fee, M-F with a Stapleton resident, or $8.00 if they come by themselves.  The fee for Sat/Sun is $10.00 with or without a resident, so I’d definitely suggest trying to enjoy the weekdays if possible and save that extra cash for something really important, like Sonic cherry limeades.  If you have friends that live out of the neighborhood, but like many of my children’s friends, seem to take up homesteading at your house during the summer, you can also purchase 4 unlimited visit passes per household.  These are $80.00, must be utilized with residents, and are only good for Memorial Day – Labor Day the summer you buy them, so if you buy one in July, it will only work until September, so be mindful of that.  5 visit passes are available for $25.00, and might be the better way to go if  you aren’t sure how many trips you might be making with non residents.  So, I’ll see you there soon!  I’ll be the one lounged out on a deck chair, sleeping in the shade, coveting my highly desirable Route 44 cherry limeade.  Stop by and say, ‘hey,’ and enjoy the heck out of your summer!

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