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The Super Bowl’s Over, Now What?

by Shannon Daly

*sigh* Well, not the outcome I had hoped for, but at least we were one of two teams who actually made it to the ‘big game.’  So now we have 7 months until preseason.  What to do?  What to do…Fortunately, one of the beautiful things about Stapleton is that there is ALWAYS something to do.  Certainly summers are busier with the warm weather, and the kids out of school, but there is a lot to look forward to this spring as well.  On Thursdays, the MCA is hosting their Active minds series.  On Thursday, February 13, they are featuring “The Korean War.”  Thursday February 27th they will have “Putin’s Russia.”  They start at 7pm in the MCA’s community room.  To keep the kids out of your hair on date night, they can head over to Kids Night Out at the Central Park Recreation Center.  They have one this Saturday, February 8th, themed, (gulp) “Super Bowl Bash.”  They only take a reserved number, so if you are interested sign up here,  If this is a bad weekend for you, they will also host Kids Night Out on March 15th, and April 26.  Did you know that according to the ‘Huffington Post,’ Colorado is the 3rd best state for microbreweries in the nation behind California and Washington?  (We’ll just forget for a moment that the Seahawks are from Washington.) If you’re a craft beer drinker, and I think most of you probably are, The Stapleton Tap Room opened in Northfield last summer between Harkins and Jim ‘n Nicks BBQ on the south side of the complex.  They boast having 30 tap lines that feature up to 30 different microbrews.  Their goal is to feature hard to find microbrews that excel in their craft category.  They host a variety of activities including ‘Monday’s Keg,’ where they feature a local microbrewery’s unsung creation.  Every Wednesday they host ‘Trivia Night,’ from 7-9.  Find their calendar

I think the Stapleton Tap Room and I will become intimately acquainted this week as I work to drown my football woes.  See you there?

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